Configuring JNDI Mail Session in Tomcat

I’ve just joined a project as a freelancer to customize a commercial e-commerce solution (so let called it EP). OOTB, the email sending of EP does not support authentication, which is a weird thing for such a cool product like that. Actually, EP does declare an JNDI mail session in the context, but in the code they don’t use it. With the source code of EP in hand, things get much easier.

FPT Will Have a Mirror for Arch Soon

I’ve switched to ArchLinux from Fedora a couple of months ago and I really miss the mirror of Fedora on FPT (my current ISP). A few days ago, I wrote an email to ask the FPT mirrors admin to add a mirror for ArchLinux to their mirror systems. Here is what I wrote (in Vietnamese): Gởi Admin mirror của FPT. Arch Linux là một distro khá phổ biến hiện nay, ArchLinux đang đứng trong top 20 distro phổ biến theo Distrowatch.